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Hi, there this is Shaweta, from Delhi Escorts & amp; I am here to make your life. Sexy or whatever depending upon what is lingering in your mind, all time. As a call girl, you can seek me in your life for sex, romance or just for frolic pastimes as I too love to indulge myself in such relationship that spellbinds your senses. I love to eat a lot and I care to eat only organic and vegetarian foods. I love to swim a lot and I care to swim inside a swimming pool only.  

I am an extrovert who loves to hang out with all sorts of people and talk to them about nature and many other things in life. I also like to dance a lot as I feel that by dancing I can sweat a lot that maintains my body weight like anything. I also love gardening and watching monkeys climb trees as baby monkeys are so small and so cute. I always dream about going to amazon rainforest and make wild love with the clients of this reputed escort’s agency, Independent Delhi Escorts Agency.

Making love in a forest is such a magical and sensually fulfilling thing right? I also don’t care to put up with lots of makeup as I feel that any amount of excess makeup will only ruin my natural radiance as it may make it all seem real plastic only, being at Delhi Female Escorts. My favorite color is pink and I wear lots of pink dresses. Pink evening gowns, pink lingerie, pink blouses, and even pink stilettoes look more than awesome on me. I also love the color yellow, with yellow gowns, yellow shoes, yellow track suit that I wear when I am on workout as well as yellow bikini that shows off my assets nicely and elegantly.

I also have these two cute kittens at my home who I pamper and shower all my love towards. I have named one kitten as CSR and the other one as ST being at VIP Delhi Call Girls and both of them also really love me a lot. I give m kitten’s milk and biscuits and the biscuits that I give to them are tiger biscuit as my babies are really addicted to this biscuit.

Sometimes when my kittens really disturb me, I also give them some dog biscuits or old pieces of bread that stops them from meowing me all time. I also love playing pittoo/seven stones which is game for stacked marbles and throwing it all down with a ball. As my aiming ability is quite good, I always break the rock formations quite easily by reason of which my team always wins. When I am playing and working out, I always wear lots of makeup being at Delhi Escorts Service Agency, that too waterproof so that none of the sweat or even the rains dampen my flawless natural none will only be the secret desires left after having sessions with me. This hot chick will take away all your work day blues by talking nice and soft about nothing and abstract things in life and making you feel youthful.


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Shweta Mahajan


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